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Become a Frameless® Dealer

Frameless® brand has set itself the goal of becoming the leading Fabric Tension System brand. This vision can only be achieved with the help of strong Frameless Partners!

Frameless® System can offer you a low risk opportunity with minimal investment that will allow you to start selling the system quickly and add to your income.

We have open territories available for qualified persons and businesses to represent our Frameless System.


  • Low Investment, High-Margin

  • Low inventory requirement and very little floor space taken up!

  • Profiles are shipped in requested sizes.


Frameless® Support

You can depend on: Whether you are involved in the selling, marketing or servicing of Frameless, our entire team will be right behind you with first-class products on the one hand and the necessary knowhow on the other.

  • Marketing & Sales Support

  • Use of all Frameless® advertising material

  • Free Product Training

  • FREE Sample Packages to give away to your clients

  • Special Discounts (Quantity and Order Value)

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