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Frameless® System

The new trend in visual communication is large format printing. The possibilities are endless due to the newest developments in fabric print techniques. Frameless® is a dynamic framing system that offers various solutions for fabric prints.

Fabric frames are now taking center stage not only in a growing number of retail environments, but also at trade shows, restaurants, museums, airports, health care, hospitality and educational facilities and increasingly, as a creative option for home décor.

Easy Assembling and Fast Graphic Change

Assembling the frame and exchange of fabric print using the rubber strip can be done very easily and quickly by non-professionals without using any special tools, even during normal business hours. Ideal for situations where graphics are changed on a regular basis.

Portable and Lightweight

Low shipping and handling costs, including larger dimensions, because the frames are shipped unassembled. The crease resistant material can be transported folded to minimize costs.

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Technical Fabrics

No more expensive and environmentally damaging PVC sheets. The printed fabrics are PVC-free, odourless and very easy to dispose of. The frame is only bought once. The fabric print can be used over and over again without any trace of usage. All fabrics used, comply with the standards for fire protection class B1.


Silicone/PVC sewn strip

The frameless look that is unique to Fabric is accomplished by sewing a silicone/pvc stip around the edge of the printed fabric. This process allows the edges to be inserted into the channel grooves of the frame, stretching the fabric tight.

An exceptional advantage is the uncomplicated assembly of the frame.

Exchange of the graphics is accomplished in no time as well.

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Frameless Profiles

Frameless® profiles are available in different depths starting from 15mm to 180mm.


Frameless Lightbox

Frameless® Lightboxes can be fabricated in virtually any size, the bigger the better.